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I have been creating since I was a little girl. From gathering the neighborhood kids and putting on a show to designing, writing, directing and acting for the theatre, to creating educational art & performing arts programming for kids, to designing clothing, to decorating and designing home interiors, to Creating with Heart!


I live in Southern California with my college sweetheart. We have two amazing kids, a 13 year old Labrador Retriever, and two Grand-kitties. 

My Passion and purpose in this life is to help people see and manifest their creative potential, silence the inner critic, and release the Creative Superhero within.

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Things I Believe...

Life is too short for white walls

In small acts of kindness

In the power of play

In standing up against injustice

In equality for all human kind

We should never stop growing, seeking, learning, and evolving

Things I Love...

My family

My friends

The beach 

Books (I have a bit of an addiction)

Traveling with my husband and       

     connecting with people all over

     this amazing planet



Collecting rocks and shells 



Dreaming BIG

And I love to create, and help

     others embrace their true


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