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Come Back In September

For the Fall Edition of


Have a Great Summer!

"Creativity Lives Here"



Hi, I am Donna Lowy!

I am a Wife, Mother, Artist, Teacher, Student, Multi-Certified Coach

and believer in the power of Creativity.


Creating connections

Creating memories

Creating a life you love


Creativity Can...

Increase Happiness

Boost your immune system

Enhance communication skills

Reduce cognitive decline

Improve mental health

Build resilience

Reduce anxiety and stress

Elevate confidence and self-esteem

Help you with problem solving and resolving conflict

Encourage playfulness

Build pathways to enroll inclusion and diversity

Help you express yourself more fully

Bring magic and joy to your life and the lives of other



You are pure Creative Potential


Imagine what your family, work, relationships, what your LIFE could look like if you unleashed your CREATIVE SUPERPOWERS. What would you do?  start a business, create a foundation, Learn a new language or to paint, write that book, learn to play an instrument, take a class. The possibilities are wonderful. As fully expressed creatives, we show up in this world as better people. Better people make a better world for all.

It's time to share your magic with the world.

It's time for a Creative New You!

Colorful Bubbles

I am not an artist, therefore
I am not creative...

Does this sound familiar?

Creativity is thought of far too often as being synonymous with artistic, but Creativity spans far beyond The arts. 


In reality, we are all creative beings. The excitement lies in finding, and nurturing, our creative selves. And we do so by walking our different paths, and discovering our very own places, where our creative powers manifest. With art, with music, with the ways in which we communicate & listen, by cooking, by learning, by teaching, designing jewelry, tending to your garden, or even in planning a road trip… Our creative selves are within us always and manifest in so many ways.

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  • Are you ready to silence the voice that says "I wish I was more creative"?


  • Are you ready to let go of your limiting belief of what creativity is?


  • Is it time to explore your creativity and see what lights you up?


  • Are you ready to unleash your CREATIVE SUPERPOWER?


  • Is it time for more play, more freedom, more courage, and more joy?​​


  • Is it time for a Creative New You?


"Donna's coaching is transforming my life! I was stuck on various things - work, sleep, relationship dynamics, etc. Donna's attentive listening, warm caring, super coaching skills, and dynamite questioning are opening my heart and mind to creative solutions for all of them! I had no idea that the creative process could solve my real-life issues! I am taking much better care of myself, I am more effective at home and work, and I am feeling more self-love and love for others radiating into all areas of my life, big thanks to Donna."

Frannie W.

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